The Generation Gap

The following was inspired by a segment I watched on CNN. It is said that to prepare for the future, you must analyze the past, make necessary corrections, and build up on the present. However, when referring to the current education situation in America, that may not always be the case. American students in the … Continue reading

“Stepping on the Accelerator”

In our society, technology and innovations are advancing at a faster rate than ever before. The time between the “next models” of products are shrinking. As products become increasingly “faster” in their performance, our society is moving at an accelerated pace. “The new generation is thinking in matters of seconds and minutes, rather than hours … Continue reading

2012 Apple Rumors

When talking about technology, this year is going to be hot! There are lots of rumors circulating about Apple products for 2012 like the iPhone 5, iPad 3, Macbook Pro, and elimination of Mac Pro. * (I’ll rate the rumors on a scale of 1 – 5┬álikeliness; 1 is unlikely it’s going to happen, 5 … Continue reading

Hello Everyone!

Hello Everyone! My name is Keshav and on this blog I will post my opinions and knowledge on current events, technology, education, science, etc.