Profanity in Modern Society – Counterargument

*Had to write a counter argument for a taboo in our society in English class. Thought I should share it. *Contains profane language. Viewer Discretion advised 😛

In the society we live in, cursing or the use of profanity in public is deeply frowned upon. It is encouraged that we use substitute words that have synonymous meaning. However, it is my belief that it is perfectly fine to use profanity in a public environment. If it is okay for a rap song to use every profane word in existence, should not it be okay to use profane diction in everyday discourse? Even the most intellectual of intellectuals swears from time to time.  Chicago Mayor and Former White House Chief of Staff to President Obama, Rahm Emanuel, is renown for his “potty mouth.” Even Mark Twain once said, “Under certain circumstances, profanity provides a relief denied to even prayer.”

Profane words are just synonyms for words that are “acceptable” to say in our society. With this knowledge, what makes the use of profane words held to such disdain? The word “fuck” [sic], used as a verb, simply means the same as the word “screw.” Likewise, the word “shit” [sic], is synonymous with the word “crap.” If we can acceptably say “screw” and “crap” in public, then there should be no difference in saying “fuck” [sic] and “shit” [sic] within the same context.


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