Review: Sony MDR-XB500 Headphone (Extra Bass!)

Sony MDR XB500

For the past couple of months I have been looking for the perfect pair of headphones within a moderate price range and I came across the Sony MDR XB 500 Extra Bass Headphones. These headphones are absolutely wonderful. They cost $50 and provide excellent sound quality for the price!

Rating: 9/10

Price: $50

Pros: The Sony  MDR XB500 provides amazing sound quality with fantastic bass (which is what they are meant for). At max volume, your whole face vibrates with the reverberations of the bass which is produced by the awesome 40 mm drivers. They are great for Hip-Hop, and electronic music genres like Dubstep. However, they are still great for genres like Rock, Heavy Metal, and Jazz because the headphones respond well to the equalizer settings on an iPhone and/or iPod. The KING size cushions make it feel like you are wearing pillows on your ears. I found no discomfort while wearing them for hours at a time during car rides or plane flights. The cord on the XB 500 is the perfect length and rarely gets tangled no matter what activity one may be doing.

Cons: Unfortunately, the MDR XB500 does not provide digital noise cancelation. Background noises from plane engines, or people talking can still be heard. Furthermore, the headphones are huge and bulky. I would personally prefer a smaller size headphone that would be easier to carry around and travel with. The cord also doesn’t come with a volume control or play pause button. Lastly, the headphones don’t do a good job containing the sound and preventing sound leakage. The music that you may be blasting, will probably be heard by the people around you, (which is pretty annoying to everyone else).


– “Out of this world bass”

– Best headphones within the same price range.

– Loud


2 thoughts on “Review: Sony MDR-XB500 Headphone (Extra Bass!)

    • for the price, definitely! the bass is almost as good if not better, and its 1/5 of the price. However, if you are willing to pay 200 bucks, then i suggest the mdr-xb1000’s. they are the supreme god of bass and they beat the dr.dre beats anyday!

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