Review: Mike’s Pizza (San Juan)

Mike's Pizza

Probably the best restaurant that I have ever been to. Mike and Charlie’s Pizza and Sub Restaurant located in El Condado in San Juan, Puerto Rico has food that will stimulate your taste buds like they never have been before. The restaurant has a variety foods like Pizza and Subs (of course), and Calzones, Pastas, and Burgers. While vacationing in Puerto Rico, I ate there five days in a row and I don’t regret it one bit!

Address: 1024 Ashford Ave., San Juan 00907, Puerto Rico

Rating: 11/10 😀

Pros: The food is just AMAZING! Everything that you try there is awesome. In the five days that I ate there, I tried all the main items on the menu (my favorite is the pizza and calzones). Everything is fresh and made there itself. You can taste the freshness of the cheese and the sauce that is made there. Best of all, the food is very healthy! Items like the pizzas and calzones don’t have the nasty unhealthy grease that can get in the away of your eating experience. If you are a vegetarian, don’t worry. Almost everything on the menu has an all vegetable option, otherwise, you can always ask the chef to make it vegetarian. Though Mike’s Pizza is located in the heart of San Juan tourist region (El Condado), the prices are reasonable; averaging from about $7 – $15 per person.

Cons: Food is soooo good, that you probably won’t like any other food besides Mike’s.


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