The Future of Television

84 inch 4K 3D TV by LG



Lately, I have been pondering about the advancements of technology, specifically, where the future of television is headed. Recently, at this years Consumer Electronic Show (CES), a plethora of new types of televisions were unveiled by companies such as Samsung and LG. Both of these Korean giants showcased their new line of Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) TV’s that featured an ultra-slim design with stunning picture quality. But what really caught my attention, was LG’s 84 inch, 4K quality, 3D Television. I distinctly remember telling myself a couple months ago, that the first 4K TV will be unveiled in two years, but to my surprise it was featured in the next couple of months. This TV integrates many of the internet features we love such as Netflix and Hulu and allows you to directly stream content to your TV, as well as provide ultra-definition quality in your living room. This made think about where the future of television lies…

I’ll start with the HD revolution (as I like to call it); this revolution is when we started seeing the widespread emergence of 1080p televisions available to consumers and in the household. Around 2008, we witnessed most television channels completely converting to full high definition broadcasting; during this time many films were taken in 2k quality (currently taken in 4k). As of right now, we are in the midst of a transition phase; 3D televisions are on rise as most new models of televisions by companies like Samsung, LG, and Sony are incorporating 3D technology into their hardware. Due to the global recession and lack of many 3D channels, the 3D television industry has not dominated the market, but soon will.

In the next 5 – 7 years (if not less) we will likely see a progression into a new revolution in which 4k-3D TV’s will have taken over the market; the key component that makes this revolution unique, is its combination with the internet. Currently there are external devices such as the Google TV, Apple TV, and the Roku that allow users to stream content from the internet to their television. While this is great, they don’t have an abundance of streaming providers. It is likely that we will see the complete disappearance of set-top boxes and external DVR’s with further, more advance internet integration with TV in the future. Sony has already started this process by creating a way to allow users to stream television channels to one’s TV. This integration can give rise to many other unexpected outcomes that can positively influence our television experience. Who knows where the next revolution will take us?


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