Educational Crisis + Budget Cuts “Politicians Don’t Get It”

With America’s economy sulking further into a recession, Congress is forced to make budget cuts in various departments. They plan on cutting certain vital deparments, including education. Education is not an expenditure; it is an investment for the betterment of the future generation. Isn’t it absurd to cut funding for education while China and India continue to increase theirs? Without education there is no innovation, and without innovation, America can not dominate as a super power.  Already, America is at a trade deficit with China; the way the politicians are fiddling with the education system, soon, we will end up with a intellectual deficit as well.

In this situation the best decision would be to increase the funding for education. Increasing funding for education will revitalize our economy through the creation of jobs and stimulation of the next generation’s brains to compete with the rest of the world. But, this is a process that would take minimum, a decade. No one said that we could get ourselves out of this predicament with in the next year. Politicians are choosing the immediate reinforcement of reduced spending for a temporary economic growth, over the the long term economic stimulation. Cutting funding on education and choosing the temporary economic stimulation may seem like the solution now, but in another 10 years, we will find out, that only augments the problem. Anyone with even the smallest amount of common sense would realize that education is vital to recovery of America’s fallen infrastructure and economy. As a student myself, I have noticed that some my school’s best teachers have had to leave due to the budget cuts and/or too much pressure being placed on them (because of the budget cuts). It makes me wonder, what is in store for me when I graduate… This is not the path for us to head down.

America became the economic zenith in the late 1960s because of the promotion of the math and science programs to compete with the Soviets in the space race. It was only the beginning of America’s success and spawned rapid economic growth. We excelled in developing new technologies; it was America who dominated the space race, revolutionized computing and internet, and became an icon in the automobile industry. America hosted the creative geniuses of the world and experienced an influx of foreigners who wanted to come to America for opportunity. But where did all of that ingeniousness  and creativity go? During the sixties we were determined to beat the Soviets, and the government (Kennedy Administration) immediately set a goal for the nation and America worked hard to achieve it. However, today China and India are racing past us in almost all aspects of economy and education and it seems that we have lost that “fire in our belly.” America is sitting idol and that is something we can’t afford to do. Currently we are faced with a situation in which we lack creativity and educational enforcement. Until recently, students around the world had a dream of studying in American Universities to pursue their higher education; but off late, the  number of foreign students enrolling in American Universities is declining. The brilliant minds that are still left are leaving us for economic opportunities else where (e.g. China, India, etc.).


2 thoughts on “Educational Crisis + Budget Cuts “Politicians Don’t Get It”

  1. An ailing economy with chronic financial diseases cannot logically hold on to education as the only saviour of the economy. Where is the place for every graduating student (local and foreign) in the heavily shattered American economy? It hardly makes any sense to retain/increase budgets in Education merely to groom overseas students to head back to their native countries. A healthy balance and co-existence needs to be attained between the education system and the human resource needs of the state, commerce,industry and the economy in general. When the challenge of rehabilitating those rendered jobless due to recession is looming large, how can the economy assimilate every pass out from universities? I am not at all suggesting a clamp down on the scale of education. All I am driving home is that the edu budget can just be adequate enough to cater to the local populace, considering the bad shape of the economy. With another easing inevitably coming (QE3), the US will only succeed in deploying its resources all over the BRIC nations at the cost of further rampaging its own economy!

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