“Stepping on the Accelerator”

In our society, technology and innovations are advancing at a faster rate than ever before. The time between the “next models” of products are shrinking. As products become increasingly “faster” in their performance, our society is moving at an accelerated pace. “The new generation is thinking in matters of seconds and minutes, rather than hours or days.” Thus, society is becoming more and more impatient, as computers boot up faster, downloading processes take less time, and communication between individuals across the globe happens in the blink of an eye. This affects society at an emotional level. Individuals, (including myself) get frustrated at the simplest of processes that may take a couple minutes longer than what we are used to. This includes waiting in line or waiting for services. In my personal experience, I compared my current self, to how I was a couple years ago, and not surprisingly found myself more frequently being agitated and aggravated at events that take only a couple minutes longer than normal! I came to a realization and took note of this change that occurred within myself as an individual and to society as a whole.

I was inspired to write this by the following video and psychologist Philip Zimbardo:


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